Coaches Tasks and Testimonials

Coaches Tasks and Testimonials

This is a brief overview of tasks conducted each month from current Iowa Envirothon coaches to help prepare students for the Iowa Envirothon and testimonials about why it is important to take part!

August- Advertise; have introductory meetings

September- Start weekly meetings; while weather is nice, get students outdoors with experts; go to local park, look at trees, practiced practicums, etc.

October- Forestry Tree ID; learn to use different tools; aquatics sample; use soil probes to id horizons; share Envirothon documents with students

November- Visit local center to study tracks, fur, nests, etc. for wildlife; contact county conservation department; begin student recruitment

December- Continue weekly meeting and start using reading materials to focus more in depth; meet before break to pick meeting times

January- Practice on early out Wednesday after school & one evening per week; meet with DNR urban forester; classroom materials/discussions

February- Continue meeting twice a week; apply for grant to plant trees on campus; practice and meet with conservationist; take field trips to have students complete hand on/listening to professionals

March- Regional competition; start oral presentations prep; continue practice for Regionals by looking at old tests

April- Prep for State competition

May- Prepare for Nationals if you are winning team

June- Prepare for Nationals if you are winning team

July- National Competition

Envirothon Coach Testimonials

“Envirothon provides a hands-on tool for learning. Getting outside is something very lacking in today’s teenage word. My students love our field trips! Their favorite part of the competition is preparing their oral presentation because it requires true teamwork, and problem-solving of a real-world relevant problem (again-this type of challenge is often lacking in today’s educational world!)”

“The more the students show an eagerness to learn, the easier it is to be a coach”

“The Envirothon helps students connect with local environment and see different job opportunities”

Download the Iowa Envirothon Overview Here